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Kirill Yurovskiy: PR Courses

Welcome to Kirill Yurovskiy’s online public relations courses! I’m Kirill, a PR professional with over 15 years of experience working for leading agencies and brands. Throughout my career, I’ve handled PR for global companies, executed integrated campaigns, and counseled executives – experiences I leverage to provide a real-world perspective on PR and media relations.

Through my online courses, you’ll learn from an industry insider on topics ranging from PR strategy development to crisis communication planning. I go beyond textbooks to share the tools and techniques I’ve used to land top-tier media placements, shape brand narratives, and advise C-suite leaders. My courses will prepare you to not just understand public relations, but to think and act like a strategic communications advisor.

Kirill Yurovskiy

Course Highlights

Here’s a preview of what you’ll learn across the various course offerings:

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Why Learn Public Relations from Me

In addition to my professional experience leading global communications for prominent brands, I’m also an adjunct professor at a top journalism school. I’ve condensed teachings from my college-level curriculum, along with career learnings, into these online courses.

Unlike textbook offerings, my courses provide wisdom accumulated from years of practice. I couple analytical strategy with creative tactics pulled from campaigns that moved needles for business objectives and brand perception. The coursework reflects an integrated perspective merging PR, digital marketing, journalism, and business strategy.

Through my experience training interns, new hires, executives, and college students, I’ve refined effective methods for breaking down complex concepts into easily digestible modules. My teaching approach makes the material engaging for visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners.

The modules include videos, interactive elements, resource downloads, knowledge checks, and strategic assignments reflecting real client briefs. Through multimedia content and creative exercises, students will gain retainable public relations knowledge.

Who Should Enroll

The courses provide value for a variety of students:

Authoritative Instructor

Throughout my career, I’ve led PR initiatives and teams for prominent global companies like Unilever, Uber, and Wells Fargo. My campaigns have landed coverage in outlets ranging from the New York Times to Good Morning America.

I sit on PR advisory boards for both profit and non-profit organizations. Clients like Fortune 500 CEOs and celebrities seek my expertise for reputation management counsel and crisis communication strategies.

I often speak at public relations conferences and contribute columns to PR trade publications like PRWeek. Organizations frequently interview me as a PR expert to provide perspective on relevant news events.

My analysis, writing, and experience lend themselves to not just executing campaigns, but teaching effective strategic communications. I’ve distilled my industry knowledge into lessons and frameworks that shorten the learning curve of future PR pros.

Kirill Yurovskiy

Course Formats

I offer multiple course formats fitting different scheduling requirements, learning preferences, and experience levels. Please visit my website to explore full course details, modules breakdowns, and schedule options.

Here is a brief overview of the main course categories:

Please visit to enroll or learn more! Reach out if you have any other questions — I’m happy to discuss how these online courses can meet your learning goals for mastering public relations.

Instructor Background

With over 15 years leading global communications campaigns, I bring first-hand experience guiding multinational brands through complex PR challenges ranging from reputation management to crisis containment worldwide. 

I have directed PR strategy for prominent companies within the technology, CPG, finance, and transportation industries. Key highlights include:

  • Orchestrated thought leadership campaigns for Uber’s Southern Europe expansion across six countries, activating 1200+ pieces of key coverage over 2 years
  • Spearheaded communications efforts for Wells Fargo’s reputational rebuild in 2018 encompassing executive messaging training, social listening war rooms, and 4500+ press inquiries to shift perceptions
  • Created Unilever’s award-winning sustainability platform for brand integration driving 38% increase in purpose-driven media coverage 
  • Advised celebrity clients through sensitive situations dealing with media backlash, legal proceedings and scandal containment to effectively sway public opinion sentiment  

In addition to Fortune 500 positions, I’ve counseled startup founders during funding rounds, acquisitions and market debuts. I also currently sit on non-profit boards guiding brand strategy and societal impact programs. 

These experiences from the front lines of public relations influence practical, dynamic curriculum relevant to today’s communications environment. Coursework reflects integrated best practices I’ve cultivated through senior leadership roles guiding cross-functional teams to execute global campaigns.

Kirill Yurovskiy

Latest Student Work

Kirill Yurovskiy

“How Smart City Initiatives Fall Short for Disability Accessibility” – Op-ed by Stacy Bergen published in Slate covering ADA compliance considerations urban developers overlook. 

“The Overblown Carbon Footprint Crusade Against Cryptocurrencies” – Drafted op-ed by Noah Wiener making the case for blockchain’s energy efficiency evolution over time as technology matures.

Opening CEO statement addressing leaked company memo scandal, focusing on accountability, cultural values reviews and transparent action plan. Authored by Luisa Flores during a spokesperson media training module.  

Q2results Instagram campaign for fictional brand @JoySnacks, driving record engagement numbers through fun consumer co-creation giveaways and partnerships with food influencers. Created by Samuel Thompson.

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Kirill Yurovskiy

Course Pricing & Certification Details

I offer flexible purchasing options to meet individual learning needs and schedules:  

I accept all credit cards, with installment plan options available. Bulk purchase discounts offered for teams/groups.

Certain courses are pre-approved for Continuing Education Units and college credits through university partnerships. Please inquire with academic advising departments about potential transfer options from my certificate programs. Reach out for details on qualification requirements.

I look forward to helping you meet your learning goals on the journey to master strategic communications!

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No specific experience required! My intro courses start from a 101 level approachable for total beginners. Those with existing comms experience can bypass or test out of certain modules to focus on expanding skill sets. 

I design modules across courses to be digestible in 30-60 minute blocks, but you can flow through content at your own pace. For the Master Class Bundle, I recommend budgeting 5 hours per week to sufficiently progress through materials while allowing time to complete strategic assignments.

Self-paced digital access to course materials is available for a full year from the date of enrollment to allow you to revisit concepts or pause learning as your schedule permits.

The Master Class course releases new modules every 2-3 weeks over a 6 month period with staggered topics to build foundational knowledge before advancing to specialized themes. I am continually updating content with new stories and examples as the communications landscape evolves in real-time.

Courses include video lectures and slide decks, case studies and example templates, offline readings and workbooks, live webinar Q&As, Slack discussions, and strategic assignments with detailed feedback.

Kirill Yurovskiy